Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sen. Fumo: Pennsylvania would bring back slavery

Is Sen. Vincent Fumo planning an insanity defense for his upcoming corruption trial?

How else would you explain Fumo's remarks that his fellow Pennsylvania legislators would bring back slavery if they could take a secret ballot?

Fumo made those comments to a black pastor who was testifying before the senate Appropriations Committee.

First, I'm not sure when Pennsylvania had slavery (I believe the Keystone State sided with the North in the Civil War), but I'll defer to Vince on that one.

Second, the retiring lawmaker did say after he made the idiotic comment that he was just kidding.

Just like Ed Rendell was kidding when he said Pennsylvania residents would never elect a black man as president?

Just like Sen. Barack Obama's comments that Pennsylvania residents are bitter rednecks?

What is it about rich, well-educated, liberal Democrats that gives them the right to denigrate the rest of us in Pennsylvania?

Read more about the Fumo furor ("Fumo: State lawmakers would likely enact slavery") in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fumo, a Harrisburg power-broker for 30 years, is not seeking reelection this year because he is facing trial on a 139-count federal indictment for fraud and corruption.

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