Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama is an empty suit

This is a letter to the editor originally published in the Reading Eagle shortly after Sen. Barack Obama made a quick stop in the city. The writer really gets it.

Empty rhetoric

Barack Obama was in Reading, whoop-dee-doo (“Obama hits downtown Reading,” Reading Eagle, April 1).

It remains unfortunate that some of electorate is being drawn in by his empty rhetoric. To be sure he seems friendly and an engaging speaker, but that lure ceases when one takes the time to listen to him and understand that he is an empty suit.

His whine for change spoken just above the sound of his empty record distracts too many folks from his extreme liberalism, poor judgment and lack of respect for human life, which are more than enough to tell me this man should not be president or have the red phone at his bedside.

I pray that God save us from such misguided and empty leadership because I’m losing confidence in the voters, who seem more like fans at the 50-yard line or those screaming in the front line of a rock concert.

John B. Sylvester

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