Tuesday, April 29, 2008

$3.00 bet yields $4,231,745 slots jackpot

A Berks County man playing the nickel slots at Resorts casino in Atlantic City hit the jackpot Sunday.

He pumped $3.00 worth of nickels (60 in all) and couldn't believe what happened next. He won the progressive jackpot worth more than $4.2 million.

His story is featured today in the Reading Eagle.

Robert Schaeffer, that's him smiling in this Associated Press photo, has no immediate plans for the money, he told the Reading newspaper. Doesn't want a new house, doesn't need a new car, has no plans to travel. It sounds like he doesn't really need anything.

What amazes me about the winner is that he's 83 years old. I hope he has family and friends to share his good fortune.

But why is it always somebody in their 80s who wins the jackpot or wins the lottery? Why isn't somebody in their 40s? I just don't get it.

Maybe Mr. Schaeffer will live to be 100 and enjoy his winnings in good health, but why is it always old people who win?

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Anonymous said...

GREAT FOR HIM! I said the same thing? But, you don't play you don't win, I guess...