Monday, April 21, 2008

David Kessler, Political Genius

Rep. David Kessler has never struck me as the sharpest tool in the shed, but I may have underestimated him.

The freshman Democrat who represents the 130th state House District just might be a political genius. More on that in a moment.

There are three Republicans seeking the GOP nomination Tuesday to run against Kessler in the fall. As you would expect, Aaron Durso, Richard Gokey and Billy Reed have campaign signs throughout the 130th District asking for voter support.

This is where the political genius part comes in. Kessler, who is running unopposed in the April 22 Democratic Party primary, has placed almost as many political signs in the district as his GOP rivals.

Why would somebody who isn't facing opposition until November go to all the trouble of putting up hundreds of signs asking people to vote for him?

I have several theories.

1) Nobody told Kessler is is running unopposed in the primary.

2) Kessler fears a write-in candidate could receive more votes and snatch the Democratic nomination from him.

3) Kessler has a grand scheme to win the Republican nomination as a write-in candidate so he put up signs to confuse GOP voters.

4) The guy has nothing better to do than drive around eastern Berks County putting up signs along highways.

5) Kessler likes seeing his name as he drives down the road.

Take your pick. I've never heard of a candidate who is not facing opposition put up political signs. They guy is either a political genius or he just wants to annoy people by putting up signs seven months before he faces a challenger.


Anonymous said...

I would take number 5. Kessler is an egotist of the highest order. The sad thing is that since he is unopposed his signs will be littering the beautiful Oley Valley countryside for another 7 months. The state Democrats are pouring so much money into his reelection bid that he can afford to pollute the land with his signs this early.


Interesting comment about Kessler's ego. He is the only member of the Pennsylvania Legislature (253 in all) who holds both a local and state election office. Kessler refused to give up his seat on the Oley Board of Supervisors when he was elected to Harrisburg. That does say something about him. He think there's nobody else in Oley Township who could take his place.