Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The jury pool is running dry

I've often heard it said that juries consist of people who aren't clever enough to get out of jury duty.

There's a story in today's Reading Eagle about a Berks County woman who was ordered held in the Berks County Prison for refusing to report for jury duty. It gets worse.

When a judge tried to ask the woman why she failed to show up for jury duty, she started talking like it was time for the mothership to beam her up.

Which goes back to my original question. Is this the type of person we want serving on a jury?

The woman is now facing a charge of obstructing justice, which carries a penalty of 15 days in jail and a $100 fine.

Read the full story, "No-show juror is returned to Berks County Prison" at the newspaper's Web site.

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