Thursday, April 24, 2008

Megan Fox is sexy, but Britney Spears?

Megan Fox must have made quite an impression on American men when she appeared in "Transformers" last year. (And I thought guys went to see the movie for the robots).

The 22-year-old actress tops the annual list of FHM Magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World."

The list is open to debate, but Fox is as good a choice for No. 1 as anyone else in the Top 10 -- Jessica Biel (No. 2), Jessica Alba (No. 3), Elisha Cuthbert (No. 4), Scarlett Johansson (No. 5), Emmanuelle Chriqui (No. 6), Hilary Duff (No. 7), Tricia Helfer (No. 8), Blake Lively (No. 9) and Kate Beckinsale (No. 10).

But Britney Spears at No. 100? Gimme a break. Did the people who voted for Spears just come out of a comma? Spears is a human train wreck. I can think of 100 other female celebrities who would make the list over Spears.

Check out the full list for yourself at the magazine's Web site ... and let the debate begin.

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