Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Copper is the new gold

When you think of precious metals, gold and silver come to mind. But copper? You bet. A rash of copper thefts have been reported all over the country. Authorities believe it's the economy that's driving people to steal copper fixtures and trade them in for cold, hard cash.

Some people get caught. Check out this story, "Copper thieves make off with thousands," in today's edition of The Mercury.

Reporter Carl Hessler says Montgomery County authorities busted a 7-member copper-theft ring operating around the county.

The suspects allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of metal gutters and pipes from residences, churches, schools, funeral homes and businesses with the hope of making some quick cash at scrap yards, according to court papers.

"Right now the price of copper and steel in the scrap industry is very high. They thought it was easy snatch and grab and would sell it to scrap yards for a lucrative price," Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Robert Sander told Hessler.

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