Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roggio wins primary, wants to call off November election

It's easy to understand why Bob Roggio has never held political office. He doesn't have the grasp of the political system yet.

Roggio put out a press release today bragging that he received twice as many votes in the Democratic Party primary, running unopposed, as U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach received in the GOP primary.

Somebody needs to tell Roggio that the real election isn't until November. Primary results don't count then. And the fact that more Democrats turned out to vote Tuesday has nothing to do with Roggio. They came out to pick between Clinton and Obama.

I don't mind politicians wanting to get their name out to the public, but don't insult our intelligence, Bob.

And another thing about Roggio's press release that shows that he's grasping for issues.

"The people in the 6th district want a problem solver, not a deal cutter like Jim Gerlach," Roggio says.

Two years ago, when Lois Murphy ran against Gerlach, the Democrats complained that Gerlach voted lockstep with George W. Bush and wouldn't compromise with Democrats.

Now they're complaining that Gerlach is willing to deal with the Democrats who control Congress. Which is it? You can't have it both ways.

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Anonymous said...

So Roggio is utilizing Paolino Tactics already? Wow! Tony, the guy looks nuts. Jim Gerlach is a great guy. tell Bob Roggio to have a drink and call the voters in November.

PS Has Lisa Paolino conceded yet, or issued another press release saying people are mean to her?

And along those lines, given the AG thing, the fake ballot thing, what are her chances in politics in the future? Think Radnor's ethics board will weigh in? Should they weigh in? Will she still be effective as commissioner given her primary behavior?

Oh nevermind, it's Delco, right? The land where NOTHING ever makes sense?

Sign me glad to be in Gerlach Country.