Monday, April 28, 2008

'Deception' by Joe Hoeffel?

It's getting harder for Joe Hoeffel to hide his true colors.

Veteran Montgomery County political reporter Margaret Gibbons comes up with another new revelation about Hoeffel's ethically-challenged tenure on the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners (and Hoeffel has only been in office for three months!!!)

Gibbons' latest column focuses on Hoeffel serving as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Elections at the same time his name appeared on the ballot for the April 22 primary election. Conflict of interest? You bet.

"The election board did not have to handle any issues involving the bitterly fought contest between Clinton and rival Barack Obama or any issues involving squabbles over convention delegate races." Gibbons writes. "If there had been, one would hope that Hoeffel would have recused himself. Still, sometimes appearances are everything."

Read the full column, "Appearances and deception," at The Times-Herald Web site.

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