Monday, January 28, 2008

Taxpayers' group to legislators: 'We will be watching'

The Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, made up of 26 organizations across Pennsylvania, sent this brief e-mail to every member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives this morning as the House resumes its debate on tax relief measures.
Dear Honorable Representative,

You have some very important choices to make this week.

You can choose between permanent, equitable property tax and education finance reform for your constituents through House Bill 1275, or…

You can choose another worthless, temporary, recycled Act 1 approach to "relief" with House Bills 1600 and 1489.

You can choose between doing your job as a true representative for the welfare and the will of your constituents and all of the homeowners of Pennsylvania, or…

You can choose to bend to the marching orders of your leadership and the lobbyists and ignore the wishes of the people you represent.

The choice is yours.

The voters of Pennsylvania are watching and know the difference.

The voters of Pennsylvania are watching and will not be deceived again.

The members and supporters of the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition and the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations respectfully request that you embrace compromise, set aside partisan politics, do what is right for the people of Pennsylvania and, above all, choose wisely.

We will be watching.

David Baldinger
Administrator, Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition
Member and Spokesperson, Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations
Reading, PA
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