Monday, January 28, 2008

FreedomWorks backs property tax elimination

This is an e-mail from FreedomWorks endorsing House Bill 1275. It's not too late to contact your state legislators and demand the elimination of property taxes.
What would school property tax elimination mean to you? School Property Taxes will be debated this week in Harrisburg. Two bills will only provide minor, temporary relief while raising other taxes.

HB 1275 will provide permanent school property tax elimination. The bill will also provide spending controls to control school spending.

HB 1275 will expand the sales tax to other services which are not currently taxed. But there will be no increase in the sales tax rate. HB 1275 will also have a net increase of 0.3% of the state income tax, but it will eliminate the school local income tax and other nuisance taxes.

How will this impact you? Check out the Property Tax Calculator provided by the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Cyber Coalition (PTCC) which accounts for all the effects of this change. Go to:

To contact your State Representative go to:

Type in your Zip +4 and click on your State Representative for contact information including email.

Tell them that you want real, permanent school property tax reform now and to support HB 1275.

Joe Hilliard,
Field Coordinator - FreedomWorks PA
Also check out today's edition of The Mercury for an editorial on property taxes.

Also of interest is this editorial, "Voices getting louder in call to eliminate property taxes for good," from Sunday's edition of The Mercury.

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