Monday, January 21, 2008

Religious diversity in the United States

You've heard of blue states and red states.

How about a breakdown of the United States along religious lines?

I came across a link at Policy Blog to Carpe Diem, a fascinating blog by Mark J. Perry, an economics professor from Michigan. (You can get a better look at the map at either site or try clicking on this enlargement.)

The map breaks down U.S. counties based on religious affiliation. How about that sea of red across the Southern states? That's Baptist territory. (I couldn't help but notice there were no predominantly Greek Orthodox counties anywhere in the U.S.)

This map might give us some clues about who could win some of the crucial states in the 2008 presidential contest.

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Anonymous said...


I'd like to know what the party breakdown is compared to the religious breakdown. If the northeast is so predominately catholic, then why do they so often choose pro-abortion legislators?