Thursday, January 24, 2008

PA GOP: Hillary Clinton joins Rendell's 'Fave Five'

What does the Pennsylvania Republican Party think of Gov. Ed Rendell endorsing Hillary Clinton for president?

Here's the latest press release from GOP headquarters:

Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton share a lot in common – Especially their close friendship with corrupt Democrat fundraiser Norman Hsu

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Robert A. Gleason Jr. was not surprised to see that Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was endorsing Hillary Clinton's run for the Democrat Party’s nomination. The Clintons and Ed Rendell each have a weak spot for high taxes, socialized taxpayer-funded health care and indicted Democrat political fundraisers.

"Hillary Clinton's acceptance of Gov. Ed Rendell's endorsement is an affirmation that she believes in big government, higher taxes, politics as usual, pay raises, and taxpayer-funded socialized healthcare," Gleason said. "While Hillary Clinton and Rendell share their love of big government and win-at-all-costs political attacks and pandering, it is not surprising Hillary Clinton doesn't mind being part Rendell's list of favorite people. A list of the Governor's good friends includes a scandal-ridden Democrat House Majority Leader, a former television news anchor who allegedly assaulted a police officer, a person who funneled millions in tax dollars to a film company in the shadows, and an indicted Democrat fundraiser named Norman Hsu. Ironically, Hsu is a close political ally of Clinton.

"I hope the media points out Gov. Ed Rendell's relationship to shady donors and Sen. Hillary Clinton. It appears that both Gov. Rendell and Sen. Clinton have no qualms about taking money from a thieving low-life as long as he signs the check with enough zeros."

Remember, Norman Hsu, described by the Governor as 'one of the ten best people he ever met', is a criminal who made millions of dollars scamming Americans while also serving as a big fundraiser for Sen. Clinton and the Democrat party. Reportedly, Hsu defrauded investors out of $1 million in a latex glove scam in 1989. Hsu plead no contest to the crime and skipped town before the sentencing. He remained a fugitive from California authorities for the last 15 years, despite the fact that he hosted many high-profile fundraisers for Democrat candidates around the state.

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Hilarious discussion between Hillary and Obama. Must watch..