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Newspaper doubts PA AG Kane's ability to do her job

One of Pennsylvania's most liberal newspaper, one that endorses Democrats 99 percent of the time, raises some serious questions about controversial Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane in a new editorial:
Such episodes have raised serious doubts about whether Kane can continue to carry out a job that requires maximum public confidence and trust. The attorney general has  responded by shaking up her staff and vowing not only to serve out her term, but to
run for another one in two years. Her pattern of misrepresentation presages a challenging campaign.
The truth about Kane

Media Watchdog: The year in media errors and corrections 2014

The year in media errors and corrections 2014 | Poynter.

Mary's Law Worth Fighting For in Pa.

By Keith Williams
Guest Columnist

For the past 14 years, I’ve taught high school English in an Adams County public school, but I’m not just a teacher — I’m also a parent. My wife and I have three children attending public school in our district. You can see why I care deeply about education in Pennsylvania.

I want what’s best for students, what’s right for myself and my fellow teachers, and what’s responsible for my neighbors, who provide a significant investment in public education through their property taxes.

But doing the right thing is not always easy. In fact, it is rarely so. Most often, it requires sacrifice and can be uncomfortable.

In September 2001, I proudly served with my search and rescue team in the recovery efforts immediately following the terrorist attacks in New York City. I spent weeks combing through debris to find personal effects and remains because I felt it was the right thing to do.

Standing up in the face of powerful forces, criticism, or threats is the only way I can ever hope to make a difference.

When I testified this summer before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee in support of a critical government reform called paycheck protection, I was also hoping to make a difference.

Why is this issue so important to me — a teacher, taxpayer and father?

Until this school year, no one in the school district where I teach had to pay a union in order to keep his or her teaching job. Then, in March 2013, the local union membership in my district voted to become “agency shop,” forcing me and dozens of other teachers to choose either to leave or pay a fee to a union we didn’t want or need.

I shouldn’t have had to make that choice, but it’s even worse for taxpayers who have no choice at all when it comes to supporting teachers’ unions.
In my district and across the state, school district offices, staff, and accounting systems supported with taxpayer money are used by a political lobbying group — the teachers’ union — to siphon money from the paychecks of educators and funnel it to Harrisburg lobbyists and political SuperPACs.

Using public resources for political gain is currently illegal for everyone — except teachers’ unions and other government unions.

If you think this is an issue that doesn’t affect you personally, consider this: In the November election, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association donated a combined $1 million of teachers’ dues money to the SuperPAC called PA Families First, according to public campaign records. This SuperPAC spent that money — collected from teachers’ paychecks using public resources — to run attack ads in the gubernatorial election that you probably saw on TV.

It doesn’t matter whose side you were on in the election¾this shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

And it’s not just political attack ads. A college professor from Williamsport, Mary Trometter, recently filed a charge with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board against her union, the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). Days before the election, the PSEA sent Trometter’s husband a partisan political mailer urging him to vote for Gov.-elect Wolf — falsely claiming Trometter was, too.

It’s bad enough that the PSEA would presume to steal members’ endorsements, but what motivates me to stand up and demand change is that you and I helped collect the political dues money used to send that offensive letter.

Isn’t it just common sense that teachers shouldn’t have to support candidates they don’t approve of, and taxpayers shouldn’t be collecting money to fund anyone’s political agenda?

I was pleased to see committees in both the Senate and House advance paycheck protection bills this summer. Now, lawmakers have another chance to finish the job and pass a new paycheck protection bill named after Mary Trometter: “Mary’s Law” could soon be a reality.

As a teacher, a father of kids in public schools, and a taxpayer, I urge all our elected officials to join me in standing up for what’s right. Pass a paycheck protection law and restore fairness and transparency to the collective bargaining table and do it now.

Teachers like Mary Trometter and me, other public servants, and Pennsylvania’s taxpayers deserve nothing less.

Keith Williams is a high school English teacher in the Conewago Valley School District in Adams County.

Philadelphia D.A. Williams blasts PA AG Kathleen Kane for 'incompetence'

D.A. Williams: Kane made false statements about sting case

Gifts Obama Could Really Use This Christmas

Top Philly Democrat has 'no faith' in fellow Dem Kathleen Kane

It is so rare for a Democrat to criticize a fellow Democrat, but US Rep. Bob Brady, who is also chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, slams controversial Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane for her refusal to prosecute corrupt politicians despite video evidence of them accepting bribes.
Congressman Bob Brady says Kane was 'asleep at the switch'

Pa.'s top law enforcement officer won't enforce state laws

Don Spatz: Some cases wane during Kane's reign | Reading Eagle - NEWS

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Democrat Kathleen Kane is a walking disaster area

The Kathleen Kane chronicles: New and serious questions are being raised about the Pa. attorney general

Rolling Stone gang-rape story wins 'error of the year' award

Rolling Stone gang-rape story wins 'error of the year' award |

Liberal newspaper upset with Obama bailout of communist Cuba

Obama's Cuba plan splits liberal lions, New York Times and Washington Post |

Woman in Creepy Bill Clinton Photo Files for Divorce

Woman in Creepy Bill Clinton Photo Files for Divorce

Billions in Taxpayer Funded Loans Going to Companies that Serve the Rich

Billions in Taxpayer Funded Loans Going to Companies that Serve the Rich

Sen. Rubio: Cuba overture 'latest in a long line of failed attempts by Obama to appease rogue regimes at all cost'

Rubio Comments On Reports Of Change In U.S. Policy Toward Cuba, Release Of Alan Gross - U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio

Pa. attorney general charges 10 in PennDOT fraud, kickback scheme

Pa. attorney general charges 10 in PennDOT fraud, kickback scheme

Socialist Brothers In Arms: Obama and the Castros

Editorial: Obama's Cuba deal: More appeasement

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Democrat Menendez blasts Obama for caving on Cuba relations

Cuban-American US Senator Robert Menendez, D-NJ, is highly critical of President Obama's move to normalize US relations with communist Cuba.

From a statement posted on his website:

“Today’s policy announcement is misguided and fails to understand the nature of the regime in Cuba that has exerted its authoritarian control over the Cuban people for 55 years. No one wishes that the reality in Cuba was more different than the Cuban people and Cuban-Americans that have fled the island in search of freedom. In November, the Cuban Commission for Human Rights & National Reconciliation (CCHR) documented 398 political arrests by the Castro regime. This brings the total number of political arrests during the first eleven months of this year to 8,410. This is a regime that imprisoned an American citizen for five years for distributing communications equipment on the island.  Releasing political prisoners today in Cuba is meaningless if tomorrow these individuals can be arrested again and denied the right to peacefully pursue change in their own country."

Read the full statement at the link below:

Newsroom | Robert Menendez-US Senator for New Jersey

IRS Watchdog Continues to Hide Records on White House Leaks

IRS Watchdog Continues to Hide Records on White House Leaks

When Republicans and Democrats work together ...

More unqualified Obama nominees get their jobs thanks to Harry Reid

Unqualified nominees get their jobs --- thanks, Harry |

Poll: Most Americans OK with 'extreme interrogations' of terror suspects

Poll: Most Americans OK with extreme interrogations |

The people Hillary wants us to understand better: Taliban savages attack Pakistani school, killing over 120 children

Taliban savages attack Pakistani school, killing over 120 children | Human Events

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hey, Look: Obama Tops The Washington Post's Biggest Lies List of 2014

Habitual liar Barack Obama has done it again. He's been singled out for telling the biggest lie of 2014, on the heels of telling the biggest lie of 2013.Heckavu job, Barack.

Hey, Look: Obama Tops The Washington Post's Biggest Lies List of 2014

Would Obama Lie to You?

Obama Calling Islamic State Terrorists the 'JV Team' Named Top Lie of the Year

Obama gets the honor of telling the No. 1 lie two years in a row ...

Obama Calling Islamic State Terrorists the 'JV Team' Named Top Lie of the Year

Liberal newspaper slams Democratic PA AG Kathleen Kane for shirking responsibilities

You know you're in trouble when Berks County's resident Democratic Party house organ, the Reading Eagle, is taking Democrat Kathleen Kane to task for not doing the job Pennsylvania voters elected her to do.

Editorial: Kane shirks responsibility to defend state laws | Reading Eagle - NEWS

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pa. schools with declining enrollment get more state funding

Here's a real head-scratcher about the way Pennsylvania funds its public schools.
It would appear that the fewer students you have, the more state funding you get.

From an analysis done by The Commonwealth Foundation:
Consider that during the 2012-13 school year, state revenue per student in Pennsylvania's 20 fastest-growing districts was slightly more than $3,000. In contrast, state revenue per student among those districts with the largest decreases in enrollment was nearly $10,000. Put another way, school districts with declining enrollment received more than three times the state funding per student than growing districts.
Harmed by "Hold Harmless"

You'll Never Guess What They Found on Pluto

PA creates office to protect seniors

PA creates office to protect seniors | PublicSource

200 Pa. public employees lost pensions for misconduct in past decade

Western Pennsylvania lawmakers among 200 who lost pensions for bad behavior