Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Obama IRS to Investigate Clinton Foundation (Just Like Obama FBI Investigated Clinton Email Scandal)

IRS to Investigate Clinton Foundation

Most Blatant Bias Yet: Trump Missing From Google Search of Presidential Candidates

Most Blatant Bias Yet: Trump Missing From Google Search of Presidential Candidates: Google has been called out before on claims it manipulates its search engine to yield results favorable to Democrats. While some of the past allegations are clear, others remain slightly harder to substantiate. Not this time. The latest example of the tech giant's left-wing bias is irrefutable.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DNC Day 1: 61 Speakers - NOT ONE Mention of ISIS

Thousands of people - including hundreds of Americans - are slaughtered in the name of ISIS and the Democratic Party wants to pretend the threat doesn't exist.

DNC Day 1: 61 Speakers - NOT ONE Mention of ISIS: Day one of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia featured 61 speakers -- including the First Lady, primary candidate Bernie Sanders, and Vice Presidential short-list contenders Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker. Yet with all of those speakers, delivering hours and hours of prepared speeches, not one mention of ISIS was made.

Trump: Tear Down This Fence!

Baghdad Bob Moment: MSNBC Claims DNC Chair 'Receives Cheers'...As She's Booed Relentlessly

Baghdad Bob Moment: MSNBC Claims DNC Chair 'Receives Cheers'...As She's Booed Relentlessly: They had a Baghdad Bob moment on MSNBC this morning in the 9am hour (Eastern time). The Lean Forward network's screen graphic read 'WASSERMAN SCHULTZ RECEIVES CHEERS AT FLORIDA DELEGATION BREAKFAST,' while it was very plain to viewers that she was being booed relentlessly. Anchor Stephanie Ruhle must have heard the boos in her earpiece, and said “She actually walked in to cheers and a lot of support from the crowd.” That's odd. All the audience saw and heard to match that graphic was booing and heckling.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bernie Supporters March Against Hillary in Philadelphia, Chant 'Lock Her Up!'

Bernie Supporters March Against Hillary in Philadelphia, Chant 'Lock Her Up!': A GOP slogan coined at the Republican National Convention seems to have caught on among Progressives. 'Lock her up!' became a chant among some attendees of the RNC during Governor Chris Christie's speech in which he enumerated Hillary Clinton's long list of transgressions.


The Democratic Party is imploding in Philadelphia. But in other news, my site counter has recorded 2 million page views at Tony Phyrillas on Politics from 550,000 Unique Visitors. Thanks for checking out my blog and for coming back again and again. Now pass the popcorn and let's watch Hillary, Debbie and Bernie devour each other in the City of Brotherly Love.

Speaking of Democratic Party unity ...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Remember When Tim Kaine Was Calling For Hillary To Be Prosecuted?

Professor Obama: Student Debt Good for Economy

Obama: Student Debt Good for Economy: In a new report released by the White House, the Obama administration is declaring student loan debt a really good thing for the economy. The report, Investing in Higher Education: Benefits, Challenges, and the State of Student Debt, claims that the crushing $1.3 trillion America's students are carrying around on their backs has actually helped them along the path to success:

Rigged: Leaked Emails Reveal DNC Plot to Screw Bernie Sanders

Leaked DNC E-Mails Reveal Plot to Sabotage Sanders, Control Media Narrative: On Friday, Wikileaks published nearly 20,000 e-mails, reportedly via the hacker Guccifer 2.0, showing an apparent attempt to sabotage Bernie Sanders' campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton and other messages that show collusion between Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her staff and members of the mainstream media.

Clinton and Trump Get Closer ... In The Polls

Clinton and Trump Get Closer In The Polls: The polling news continues to be bad for Hillary Clinton and good for Donald Trump as the Republicans wrap up their convention in Cleveland. Three polls released this week, all conducted before the convention was over and Trump's acceptance speech was watched by 32 million people, show Clinton's lead shrinking or disappearing altogether.

1,955,000 Page Views at Tony Phyrillas on Politics

My site counter has recorded 1,955,000 Page Views from 550,000 Unique Visitors to Tony Phyrillas on Politics. Thanks for checking out my blog ... and come back again.

Another Obama solar mess: Taxpayers burned

Editorial: Another solar mess: Taxpayers burned

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bernie Sanders supporters may not back Hillary

More Sanders voters say they will choose 'other,' or not vote, than back Clinton: Supporters of rebel Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders are not following his lead in backing Hillary Rodham Clinton, detouring away from the establishment Democrat to other candidates including Donald Trump. A new Economist/YouGov poll showed that the email scandal, and FBI Director James Comey's charge that Clinton's behavior was extremely careless, has led Sanders backers to abandon the former secretary of State. Since Comey's House testimony, support for Clinton has dropped 12 points, to 41 percent. For the first time, Sanders supporters now prefer either someone else or they won't vote.

'Hillary's America' In Theaters July 22

Survey of military puts Trump ahead of Clinton by 2-1

Survey of military puts Trump ahead of Clinton by 2-1: U.S. military personnel back Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by a more than 2-1 majority, but most service members aren't happy with either candidate, according to a new survey by the Military Times. The survey of 1,915 active-duty personnel, reservists, and National Guard personnel, conducted July 5-8, found that 49 percent back Trump while only 20 percent support Clinton and 23 percent say they intend to vote for a third party or independent candidate. More than 61 percent say they are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with Trump as the GOP nominee, while a whopping 82 percent say the same about Clinton. This is the worst presidential election I have ever seen, said one Air Force master sergeant who responded to the survey. How in the world could we only have Hillary and Trump as the options? The survey is not scientific, it should be noted. It is limited to Military Times subscribers and is representative of the services' more senior and career-oriented members, those who run the military's day-to-day operations and carry out its policies, according to the publication.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Poll: Trump Leads Clinton in Pennsylvania, Florida

QU Poll Release Detail: Clinton Losing On Honesty In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds

If Hillary's last name was Petraeus ...

Quinnipiac poll: Trump edges Clinton in swing states

Quinnipiac poll: Trump edges Clinton in swing states: Quinnipiac University has released a new poll that puts Republican Donald Trump in the lead in a couple of swing states: Pennsylvania and Florida.