Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anchor-babe Alycia Lane prepares to sue TV station

I can't figure out the angle for Alycia Lane.

The Associated Press is reporting that the dethroned queen of Philadelphia news is working on a lawsuit against her former employer, KYW-TV 3, the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia.

KWY fired Lane after she was arrest for allegedly assaulting a New York City policewoman.

Lane, through her attorney, said at the time that the firing was inappropriate because Lane had not been convicted.

While technically correct, Lane has already been tried in the court of public opinion. And in the world of TV news, public opinion is what counts.

There's no way KYW could have allowed Lane back on the air after the embarrassment she caused the station.

The wire service reports that Lane is seeking depositions and documents in preparation of a lawsuit. Rosen's filing claimed the station did not notify Lane in writing she had been fired or give specific reasons for her dismissal, the AP says.

What exactly is Lane hoping to get out of this? She will never get her $700,000-a-year job back. It's pretty clear she violated the terms of her contract by her behavior, whether it is determined to have been criminal or not.

Lane's arrest in December was the latest in a string of odd and embarrassing behavior for the comely talking head. That appearance on Dr. Phil. Those bikini photos Alycia e-mailed to a married man.

Is she looking for a big pay day from KWY? Do you think another TV station will her if she takes her former employer to court?

Alycia, sweetheart, here's some advice. Change your hair color, change your name and move to another part of the country. Get a fresh start somewhere else.

Alycia, you're 35. Your best days are behind you in the world of "broadcast journalism." The clock is ticking.

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