Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'Blame Rendell for high property taxes'

I came across this letter in the Pocono Record. I like what Mr. Russo has to say.
Blame Rendell for high property taxes

Editor, the Record:

Thanks a lot. Gov. Ed Rendell promised property tax relief and then put his hand in my pocket and stole it, for a $200 million dollar arena in Pittsburgh and now relief for Philadelphia taxpayers.

He collected $750 million from the casinos. Now what is he going to do with the remaining $550 million I want to know? What gives him the right to use that money for anything he wants?

How about the state senators and representatives in Harrisburg, both Democrats and Republicans? Why are they letting him get away with this? I think it stinks and is time for the people to wake up.

Also some talking heads on television say there is no quick fix for adjustable rate mortgages. How about getting rid of the property tax? Problem solved, and think of all the money people will have to spend. Wow, and it might even help the economy in Pennsylvania, too.

East Stroudsburg

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