Monday, January 28, 2008

The Extreme Makeover of Ed Rendell

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting op-ed piece over the weekend about the political evolution of Gov. Ed Rendell by Jerry Bowyer, chief economist of BenchMark Financial Network and a CNBC contributor.

Like me, Bowyer had high hopes when Gov. Rendell was elected governor, but reality soon reared its ugly head. Rendell make lots of promises in 2002 about moving Pennsylvania in a new direction, but quickly turned into the typical tax-and-spend liberal when he became governor.

Bowyer criticizes Rendell's economic and health care proposals.

Bowyer is especially disappointed in Rendell's energy initiatives, which Bowyer says make no sense for Pennsylvania.

"Pennsylvania had given to Mr. Rendell everything it had that he wanted. I only wish I could say that he did the same for it," Bowyer writes.

Read, "Extreme Makeover" at the WSJ's Web site.

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