Friday, January 25, 2008

Gerlach aide gets GOP nod to run for Rubley seat

Chester County Republicans may have a primary fight on their hands as they prepare to defend the 157th House seat held by Rep. Carole Rubley.

The party has endorsed Guy Ciarrocchi, who works for Congressman Jim Gerlach, R-6th District, but the runner-up, a longtime friend of Rubley, may challenge Ciarrocchi in the April 22 primary.

That's what Tredyffrin Supervisor Judy DiFilippo hinted to reporter Dan Kristie of the West Chester Daily Local News.

Rubley has held that 157th House seat for the past 16 years and it looked like her successor was going to be DiFilippo, a friend and former Rubley staffer.

Ciarrocchi, who joined Gerlach's staff in January 2007, came out of nowhere to win the party backing in a three-way contest at Thursday's gathering of Chester County GOP leaders.

It took two rounds of voting, but Ciarrocchi emerged with 64 percent of the vote from the county Republican Committee. DiFilippo ended up with 33 percent of the vote.

But she told the newspaper, "I'm considering my options."

A DiFilippo candidacy would put Rubley in a tough spot. Does she back the party choice or a longtime friend?

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Anonymous said...

Judy DiFilippo is a straight up person. Ciarrochi isn't bad, but he's kind of like all those Hoeffel staffers from years back when he was Congressman: they were always busy shopping themselves for their next best job and career move and too busy to help constituents.

THAT is something Gerlach needs to examine in general: he has some real hacks working for him. It takes FOREVER to get a reply on things if you are lucky enough to get them.

Crikey, if we want that we can call our local Repbulican HQ.

But you know what? Since Gerlach just announced all those staffers will magically become attentive and even more shocking, we'll actually see the Congressman again.

A lot of us LOVE Jim Gerlach but what we don't like is him becoming like other politicians