Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GrassrootsPA needs financial help to return

One of the most influential political blogs in Pennsylvania has ceased operation (temporarily I hope) because of server problems., the most widely-read conservative blog in the state, has been out of commission for almost a week. It returned briefly on Tuesday but is down again today.

Owner/Editor Chris Lilik has posted a message on the site explaining that growing readership has outpaced the Web site's ability to handle the volume of traffic.

Lilik is considering investing in his own Web server instead of using another company to host the site. For GrassrootsPA to return, it will take a substantial financial commitment.

Like most bloggers, Chris has a day job (lawyer) and posts at the site in his spare time. Very little happens in the world of Pennsylvania politics without GrassrootsPA knowing about it and directing readers to the source information.

(I'd like to personally thank Chris for the thousands of readers he has sent my way over the past couple of years.)

If you can help with a donation, contact Lilik at

Here's the note posted by Lilik at the site:
Dear GrassrootsPA readers,

It appears this site's growing community of daily readers has outgrown my current hosting plan.
WordPress is a rather resource intensive content management system, and major hosting changes are necessary.
Unfortunately, the next 'step up' is a virtual or dedicated $$$erver...
If you enjoy reading this site, which is updated several times a day 365 days a year (web hosting server permitted) I would certainly appreciate any financial assistance you may be able to offer...
While I am less than thrilled with the extremely limited options before me, I am sincerely honored to have had your readership.
Like eating or sleeping, updating this, my PERSONAL website, has been a burdensome blessing, and an important part of my daily routine.
I will do my best to keep you informed with the latest breaking news while server options are explored.

Thank you for your patience...

Chris Lilik

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