Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gulf War vet to challenge Rep. Sestak in Pennsylvania's 7th District

Freshman Congressman Joe Sestak, D-7th District, one of the most disappointing members of the new Democratic majority that was swept into office in 2006, may be a one-term congressman.

The Daily Local News in West Chester reports that Sestak will face a challenge from a former assistant U.S. Attorney who served in the Persian Gulf.

Wendell C. Williams, 43, was nominated by the Delaware County Republican Committee to run against Sestak in November. The 7th District is mostly in Delaware County, but also stretches into neighboring Chester and Montgomery counties.

Williams is a former Marine and decorated combat veteran who served in the 1991 Gulf War.

The suburban Philadelphia district was owned by Rep. Curt Weldon for decades until ethics problems sank Weldon's political career. The 2006 contest was more Weldon losing the seat than Sestak winning it.

With a strong Republican in the race, voters have a viable alternative to Sestak, who has failed to deliver on most of his campaign promises and has been singled out by taxpayer groups as one of the worst members in Congress when it comes to pork spending.

Sestak has also been in the news for his abrasive behavior toward his own staff.

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Anonymous said...

Why does Sestak say he wants the war too end, but all he does is talk about it?

Why does Williams want the war to continue?

I dont know about YOU, but I want the war to end, for real.

And I want a more sound economy too! But I'll leave that up to Ron Paul.