Monday, January 21, 2008

Newspaper backs elimination of property taxes

I could be wrong but before this weekend, the only newspaper in the state that has been calling for the elimination of school property taxes in Pennsylvania has been The Mercury.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Harrisburg Patriot-News is also calling for the end of the property tax to fund the state's public schools.

In an editorial published Sunday, "Bold plan required to drop school property tax entirely," the newspaper makes the argument that the half-measures under consideration by the state Legislature won't get the job done.

"Be bold and keep it simple. The result will be a win for local taxpayers, a big win for the state's school children and, yes, a major win for our much-criticized senators and representatives," the newspaper states.

Elimination of school property taxes, which is what House Bill 1275 would accomplish, is the only way to go. The party that delivers property tax relief for Pennsylvania residents will control state government for years to come. So far, Democrats are standing in the way of eliminating property taxes.

Read the full editorial at the Patriot-News Web site.

Find out more about HB 1275 from the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition.

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