Monday, August 13, 2007

Selling Philadelphia sounds good to them

Readers liked my idea of selling the City of Philadelphia to rid the state of most of its financial problems. Here's some recent reader comments:

Good Morning, Tony,
Congratulations on another home run!!! You just keep hitting them.
I doubt that there would be any bidders.

Hi, again. Your column is right on the money, sell phila is a great idea, even give it away. I have been saying for some time we should annex phila to camden, it would be a good fit. Chet

Tony, that was a great article !! You hit the nail on the head with that view. "Fast Eddie" should stick to talking about the SmeeEagles on comcast and the Philly pols should magically disappear. Then the State would be in the Top 3 places to live .... Jerry

Hi Tony,
Today's article had to be one of your best!!! We also call Rendell the Governor of Phila. We also call him the party planner with all the social things he creates, new stadiums, casinos. Guess nothing will be done about taxes ever. I have a cousin who's husband passed away 2 years ago (both on social security) she may have to sell her home of 45 years because she no longer has his extra money coming in. Sad, when these liars in both state and local govts. have everything handed to them. Have a good day. Keep up the good work.

Hi Tony,
I just read your article, Hmmmmmmmmmmm great idea. And then glanced at the cartoon right next to it, "Major Credit Cards Only" and couldn't stop laughing. It almost seemed as though that was the fitting conclusion to your article, as we don't want to take credit (of any kind) for the sale of Philly.

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