Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Republican official accused of intimidating Green Party candidate

Interesting story today in the Reading Eagle on allegations that a Berks County official went out of his way to prevent a Green Party candidate from getting on the ballot for the fall election.

Here's the link to the story about Berks County Clerk of the Courts James Troutman's attempt to "intimidate" Green Party candidate Jessica L. Ashman, who wants to run against Troutman:

Troutman, a Republican, should not be involved in determining who is eligible to run for office, especially a potential challenger for the office Troutman now holds. This is the problem with the two-party monopoly in this state.

You can also make an argument for abolishing county row offices in Pennsylvania. These people should be professionals running specific departments, not politicians who are looking out for themselves.

To learn more about the struggle of third parties to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania, go to the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition Web site at

You can also check out my November 2006 posting, "Hidden Voices Must Be Heard" at

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