Wednesday, August 01, 2007

246 dead in 213 days

Philadelphia has recorded 246 homicides as of August 1, the 213th day of 2007. There are 152 days left in the year. At this pace, expect the city to eclipse its 2006 murder total of 406 by year's end.

More than 2,000 Philadelphia residents have been shot so far this year.

The city's police commissioner is counting the days until his retirement. Mayor John Street, in the final months of his second term, can best be described as incompetent. Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell is indifferent. He's more concerned these days with subsidizing unionized mass transit workers than the people dying on the streets of the state's largest city.

The two dozen members of the Philadelphia delegation in the state Legislature had threatened to hold up the new state budget if they didn't get gun control measures passed, but then decided to go on vacation until mid-September.

In other words, don't look for any help from politicians.

Gun control isn't the answer. The armed thugs who roam the streets of Philadelphia with impunity aren't buying their weapons from legitimate gun dealers.

Michael Nutter, the likely winner of November's mayoral race, had campaigned on a program to stop suspicious people on the streets and search them, but the far left went bananas and Nutter stopped talking about his plan to clean up the streets.

Rudy Giuliani managed to clean up New York City using similar tactics. What's wrong with trying something new in Philadelphia? Something has to be done to stop the blood from flowing on the streets of Philadelphia.

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Unknown said...

The numbers look bad, but if you look at the situation since April, there has actually been a decrease in murders this year over the same period in 2006. This July, there were 7 fewer murders than last July. There may yet be a turn-around on the murder rate...


Note: you may want to correct your spelling on Giuliani...