Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One pissed-off constituent

I come across a lot of letters from irate constituents, but this one from today's edition of The Mercury takes the cake. I don't think state Rep. Tim Hennessey, R-Chester County, can count on this guy's vote in 2008. Hennessey, who has represented the 26th House District since 1993, was born under a lucky star. Hennessey has done little to distinguish himself in the past 14 years and has a terrible voting record but the district is heavily Republican and nobody has been willing to challenge Hennessey in the GOP primary. That's Hennessey on the right, who may not be smiling next year if voters are given a choice on the ballot. Here's the letter:

Stuck with a lousy legislator

I write as a lifelong Republican. Like many of my fellow citizens in this Commonwealth, I have become disenchanted with our state government.

Through the pay raise debacle, ethics scandals, an obese legislature responsible to no one, a bureaucracy run by has beens, wannabees, and never-will-be's, the I-80 fiasco and the continuing rape of the populous through outdated, burdensome property tax reminiscent of medieval Europe, I have tried to keep the faith and hope for some one good and decent in our general assembly.

Sadly, I just checked the National Weather Service's Web site and the forecast for Hell is — still hot!

I have been having a problem with a state agency as of late. I contacted my so-called state Rep Tim Hennessey’s office for assistance. The phone number to his district office in Coatesville goes straight to voicemail. A voicemail that is not checked. After calling for six weeks to the district office and his office in Harrisburg I finally got someone on the phone.

I tried to explain my problem. She cut me off. Then she proceeded to ridicule me and told me to (putting it nicely) “bugger” myself. Then she hung up the phone.

I find it very sad that Tim Hennessey has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find someone as incompetent and ignorant as his staff members. Then again, for someone like Tim Hennessey who wins elections by default, has a no-show job in the general assembly, and has not worked for the people in his district since Moses was floating down the Nile, what is one to expect?

Competence in state government. The rule of law in the Commonwealth. The right to know about what actually happens in Harrisburg. A freedom of information law like every other state in the union. Not in Pennsylvania, babe! We have a state government that would make Joseph Stalin blush. This Commonwealth has closed the windows and locked the doors to her people.

The old state motto of “Virtue, Liberty and Independence” has been replaced by “Vicious, Lethal and Dependent on a corrupt system.”

Tim Hennessey has not been challenged for his state representative seat for some time now. He is like a member of the old Soviet Politburo. Answerable to the feudal lords, not the serfs. He will not swear off his pension, his perks, or his pay. He has not joined the fight to downsize the legislature because he needs to protect his job at all costs. He refuses to eliminate property taxes. He refuses to stop the brain drain. He refuses to help Pennsylvania’s small businesses grow without burdensome government regulations. He refuses to control spending and cut taxes. He refuses to work for us. Voters be damned.

He will not voluntarily step aside to permit the great intention our nation’s founders had for the states, general assemblies ruled by citizen legislators, to be viable in Pennsylvania. By choice or by force of the voters, Tim Hennessey has to leave Harrisburg. Tim Hennessey has to be challenged in 2008. The people of this Commonwealth deserve better!

Spring City

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