Monday, February 25, 2008

This is why I won't discuss politics with certain people

News Flash: Man charged in stabbing after spat over Obama vs. Clinton

The Associated Press is reporting that a Collegeville, Pa., man stabbed his brother-in-law during an argument over who should get the Democratic nomination for president.

That's right. It's bad enough that campaigns get nasty, but now we have potential voters attacking people who don't agree with them politically.

This story gets even more bizarre. The alleged stabber, Jose Ortiz, who is charged with felony assault, is a registered Republican, according to the AP story.

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton and I know people who are planning to vote for her, but I've never come close to attacking a Hillary Clinton supporter.

From the AP:
District Attorney Risa Ferman says Ortiz supports Hillary Clinton and Sean Shurelds supports Barack Obama. She says they got into an argument in a Collegeville home and Shurelds tried to choke Ortiz. She says Ortiz then stabbed Shurelds in the abdomen.
Shurelds was listed in critical condition at a hospital.
There will be a full story about the incident from reporter Margaret Gibbons in Tuesday's edition of The Mercury.

In the meantime, avoid discussing politics with family members, co-workers or anybody you meet on the street.

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