Friday, February 08, 2008

Pat Toomey handicaps McCain VP picks

Former Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Toomey, president of The Club for Growth, a leading conservative political advocacy group, has an interesting op-ed piece in today's edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Toomey, who nearly ousted Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter in 2004, has a short list of vice presidential picks for Sen. John McCain's consideration.

None of the current or former Republican presidential hopefuls are on the list. Toomey argues that McCain must shore up the GOP base by picking a solid conservative as his running mate if he's to have any hope of winning the White House.

Toomey's list includes: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm and a real dark horse, Forbes Inc. CEO Steve Forbes.

Interesting list, but Steve Forbes? Republicans want to win this race, right?

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