Monday, February 25, 2008

Anchor-babe Alycia Lane may beat the rap

Bizarre news from New York City about our favorite local television anchor-babe, Alycia Lane.

The Associated Press is reporting that assault charges against Lane have been downgraded to misdemeanors.

Lane was fired from her $700,000-a-year job as a news reader for KYW-3, the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, after she was charged with hitting a New York City police officer.

Prosecutors reduced the felony assault charges against 35-year-old Alycia Lane to misdemeanors, the AP is reporting today.

Authorities say the plainclothes officer's injuries weren't serious enough for the felony charge, according to the news service.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Dina Douglas told Lane on Monday that the charges will be dismissed if she is not arrested in the next six months, the AP says.

I've never heard of anyone being told they'd walk away from criminal charges if they avoided arrest in the future. And why is it that beautiful people get special treatment in the courts?

Lane, whose nickname is "The Latina Bombshell," was fired by KWY shortly after the arrest made national headlines. She is planning to sue the station over the firing.

The December arrest wasn't the first time Lane made national headlines. Lane also e-mailed bikini-clad photos of herself to a former co-worker. The photos were intercepted by the man's wife, who made the incident public.

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That is soooooo Milton Street of her!