Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Activists vs. pundits in the blogosphere

Very interesting post at the Save the GOP blog about why liberal bloggers have such a big influence on the political process while conservatives are so upset about how the presidential primaries have turned out.

I've been saying for years that liberals have infiltrated the blogosphere much the same way they've infiltrated the mainstream media.

Here's what Save the GOP says:
Conservatives wonder why our side of the blogosphere has so little success influencing elections when compared to the massive fundraising and organizational power of the lefty-netroots. The reason is this. Their side is full of activists, ours full of pundits. We had an opportunity to use our influence to push a great conservative candidate toward the nomination. And we blew it.

So for everyone complaining about McCain as the nominee, go back and check your blog archives and see how many posts you wrote about how the Thompson campaign was failing to live up to expectations, or how its fundraising numbers were too low or its media strategy unsound. And hopefully you’ll learn a lesson for the next time around.

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