Monday, February 18, 2008

64,000 visitors to TONY PHYRILLAS

A new milestone on my site counter today.

This blog has received 90,000 page views and 64,000 unique visitors since the start of 2007. That's when I began keeping track of visitors.

It didn't occur to me to keep track of visitors throughout 2006, but you live and learn.

And I see I'm up to No. 2 on the rankings of the most influential political bloggers in Pennsylvania.

Like everyone who has ever taken notice of the rankings, I can't figure out how they work. Weeks that I thought I was going to move up, I stayed in place or dropped. Weeks when I didn't think there was much traffic to my site, I've moved up. Go figure.

I do know for a fact that more Harrisburg types are reading this blog because I'm getting e-mails from current and former state Legislators I never heard from before.

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