Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rendell, most Democrats flunk Liberty Index

The Liberty Index, a report card on how Pennsylvania elected officials have advanced or restrained individual liberty, is back. It's not good news for Gov. Ed Rendell and most of the Democrats in the state Legislature. Rendell continues to score an "F" on the Liberty Index.

The Index reviews all the legislation approved by the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Rendell since he took office since 2003. The rankings focus on economic freedom or "the ability and freedom to spend your own money in the manner you think best for you, your family and your community," according to the Liberty Index Web site.

The Liberty Index is intended to measure the extent to which the free market, the individual decisions of 12 million Pennsylvania residents, is advanced or restrained by 254 elected officials, the governor and the 253 members of the state Legislature, according to the Web site.

Of the 85 "F" grades issued to members of the House, 75 failing grades were awarded to Democrats. Of the 36 "D" grades issued, 25 went to House Democrats.

Over in the Senate, Democrats earned 18 of the 27 "F" grades issued. Another 3 Democrats earned "D" grades. (Sounds like there's a lot of RINOs in the Senate.)

To find out how your state representative or senator ranks on the Liberty Index, go to

The Index is produced by RGI Inc, the Conservative Reform Network and The Conservative Reform PAC, Bob Guzzardi, President

The Conservative Reform Network also publishes a blog at

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