Monday, February 25, 2008

Rep. Taylor moonlights as tour guide

I can't tell you how many times I've heard state lawmakers bemoan how busy they are.

Veteran Montgomery County reporter Margaret Gibbons has a hilarious column in The Times-Herald about a state legislator who has so much time on his hands that he's setting up tours of Harrisburg for constituents -- at $25 a pop.

Gibbons doesn't think giving tours is the best use of Rep. Rick Taylor's time, especially with a starting salary of $76,163.

"If Taylor wants to truly serve his constituents, he should show them his fellow lawmakers in action or inaction, as is most often the case, or take them into the backrooms where the real legislating is still done. He should let them see how easily promises made can be broken," Gibbons writes.

Read the full column about Rep. Rick Taylor, D-151st Dist., in The Times-Herald. Gibbons also tackles several other topics in her column, including a look at patronage hiring by Montgomery County officials.

Taylor is facing a strong GOP challenger this fall in Todd Stephens, an assistant county district attorney.

Maybe Rep. Taylor can become a full-time tour guide after the election.

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