Saturday, May 03, 2008

The U.S. is not in a recession!!!

You wouldn't know it by reading a newspaper or watching the news on TV, but the United States is not in a recession!

Yes, there is a slowdown in the economy, but the constant drumbeat of bad economic news is orchestrated by the liberal media to help get a Democrat elected president.

The U.S. economy grew during the first quarter of 2008 (although by a small amount.) But a recession is two consecutive quarters of no growth. That hasn't happened, although the liberal media has been telling you we're in a recession for at least six months.

And if you're worried about the economy, ask Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who control Congress what they've done to stimulate the economy over the past 16 months other than raise the minimum wage. High gas prices are fueling the economic woes and you can thank the Democrats for this.

"To increase our domestic energy supply, Congress needs to allow environmentally safe energy exploration in northern Alaska, expand America's refining capacity, and clear away obstacles to the use of clean, safe nuclear power," President Bush said.

Check out this transcript of President Bush's weekly radio address for the truth about the U.S. economy.

Radio Address by President Bush to the Nation

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SBVOR said...

It is increasingly unlikely that we are currently in a recession:
The Recession of 2008 That Wasn’t?