Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reform is not a Rendell priority

A coalition of citizen reform groups held a press conference Monday at the state Capitol urging Pennsylvania elected officials to make reforming state government a priority.

Specifically, the group wants Gov. Ed Rendell to call for a special session of the Pennsylvania Legislature to consider a reform agenda of "integrity issues" such as campaign finance limits, reducing the size of the Legislature, imposing term limits for legislators, banning lobbyists from taking lawmakers to dinner and giving them gifts, and ending lame-duck sessions.

You know, all the things legislators promised to tackle in 2007, the "year of reform" but didn't get around to.

The governor apparently isn't interested in reform, either. Read "Rendell sees no need for session on reform" in the Herald-Standard. His priorities are pork-filled energy projects, more corporate welfare and socialized medicine paid by the state's struggling small businesses.

Also check out this editorial, "Time for real reform" in the Centre Daily Times.

The individuals and groups who asked Rendell to call the Special Session on Public Integrity are:

Dennis Baylor, Pennsylvania Accountability Project
Matthew Brouillette, Commonwealth Foundation
Russ Diamond, PA Clean Sweep
Eric Epstein, Rock the Capital
Andrea Mulrine, League of Women Voters of PA
Barry Kauffman, Common Cause PA
Chris Lilik, Young Conservatives of PA
Tim Potts, Democracy Rising PA
Richard Schirato, PA Citizens for Legislator Accountability
Gene Stilp, Taxpayers and Ratepayers United
Rev. Sandra Strauss, PA Council of Churches

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