Monday, January 21, 2013

Pennsylvania Dems See Gov. Corbett As Vulnerable in 2014

Pennsylvania Democrats are salivating at the prospect of taking on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in 2014, but Corbett has not done a bad job in his first two years as governor.

Considering the fiscal mess left by former Gov. Ed Rendell, a free-spending Democrat, Corbett has had his hands full trying to restore fiscal sanity to the Keystone State.

And his efforts to privatize the state lottery and liquor systems could pay off big dividends for state taxpayers.

While Rendell kicked the can down the road on two pressing issues - public pension reform and transportation - Corbett said he is willing to tackle both problems, which has made him unpopular with the core constituency of Democrats - labor unions.

Corbett's poll numbers are down and there's even talk of a primary challenge from his own party by Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr., but don't bury Corbett so quickly.

Granted, Corbett  is the victim of lousy PR by his own staff and he continuously battles anti-Republican Harrisburg press corps that fawned over Rendell for eight years, but don't write off Corbett's political future just yet.

The only reason Democrats did so well in the 2012 elections for three state row offices was having Barack Obama at the top of the ticket. They won't have that luxury in 2014.

An if Corbett continues to sign balanced budgets on time - something Rendell was unable or unwilling to do over eight years - Pennsylvania voters will be willing to take another look at a second Corbett term when 2014 rolls around. 

Pennsylvania Dems Search For Right Candidate To Challenge Vulnerable Corbett -

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