Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another reason why school taxes are so high

Four months after approving pay raises ranging from 6 to 18 percent for district administrators, the Pottstown School Board unanimously approved a second set of raises for those very same administrators.

When the February pay raises and the annual increases for the other non-teacher staff are included in the total, the overall addition to the payroll budget from both sets of raises is $116,934.78, according to reporter Evan Brandt.

If you're wondering why school taxes are so high in Pennsylvania, look no further than free-spending school boards.

The vote to grant the raises was unanimous, as in all nine school board members turning their backs on taxpayers.

The elimination of property taxes would go a long way to providing a simpler and fairer way to fund public education, but until controls are placed on school boards, the problem will never end.

School boards are routinely led by the nose by high-paid administrators. If these people want to make more, let them go into the private sector and compete for higher salaries instead of always burdening taxpayers.

Read the full story about the generous pay raises in Pottstown in today's edition of The Mercury.

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