Monday, November 03, 2014

Liberal Pa. newspaper declines to endorse 'untested' Democrat Tom Wolf

A major blow to liberal Democrat Tom Wolf, who expected an automatic endorsement from one of Pennsylvania's most liberal newspapers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The newspaper's editorial board says it cannot endorse the 'untested'  Wolf for governor.

From the newspapers "non-endorsement" endorsement editorial:

"... it is hard to tell how (Tom Wolf's) leadership at a small company not open to public view has prepared him for the bare-knuckled politics of working with a Legislature, particularly one controlled by the opposing party. "

The newspaper stops short of calling Wolf a liar:

"Perhaps because he self-funded his primary win and has had a fat lead in most polls, the novice candidate has left some of his views undefined. He has been reticent about the details of his plan to change the income tax structure, claiming he can’t be specific on who will pay more and who will pay less until he has a look at the inside books. That claim rings false."

Read the full editorial here.

(The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the third Democratic-leaning newspaper that has declined to endorse Wolf for governor, joining the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.)

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