Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Liberal media backlash on Obama's radical gay marriage views begins

Obama's liberal media apologists waste little time defending the president's radical views on same-sex marriage. Get ready for the tsunami to come over the next few days as the lefties try to tell the majority of Americans they're wrong for believing marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Chris Matthews Links Gay Marriage Opponents to Supporters of Slavery |

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SKJAYRO said...

Mr. Obama has taken his level of politics to a whole new level...we have so many social issues in this country (homeless children, hungry and in need of the very basic necessities)substance abuse, violence, poor education,etc...where do I end? The breakdown of the Family is one of the leading indicators of the demise of a civilization's culture and ultimately one of the strongest root causes of a culture fading away...Same Sex marriage is, quite frankly, unprecedented in human behavior over thousands of years...where do we go next? And THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES throwing in his vote? he is acting like a Chicago Alderman....