Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hands off my Christmas!

An open letter to the nuts who want to spoil my holiday:

To all of those who have taken it upon themselves to remove any vestiges of Christmas from the holiday season I politely suggest you take a flying leap.

To the ACLU: The time has come for us to limit your "free speech." It is not the National Rifle Association we fear, but you. You are an outlaw organization. You do nothing productive.

You do undermine the foundations and traditions of my country, and my country is the most powerful, most successful, freest, most open-hearted, open-minded and humane society to evolve since humans poked heads out of the darkness of caves. You are fouling it. You suck, get out.

To all the professors, judges, do-gooders, left-wing whackos, politically correct retailers, school administrators, elected politicians, members of various governmental agencies and just plain dunderheads who are fortunate enough to live in this glorious nation but who work to destroy its foundations and traditions because you have no idea what we are really about; to those of you who take our money with impunity and then fail to serve us; I say get off our backs. Keep your useless hands off of Christmas, "In God We Trust," "One Nation Under God," Nativity scenes, the "Ten Commandments," my church, my schools and my kids. It is time for you to go. Go now while you still have time.

I am declaring war on all of you, and I expect rational, proud, God-fearing, fun-loving citizens in this city, state and nation have also had enough and will join me.

To all of you. Your days are done. Not one step further will you take. Today I commit to take back my culture, freedoms and beliefs from those of you who think it is your "right" to remove anything that offends you.

You offend me, and I have had it up to here with your activities.

Here are the facts: 86 percent of Americans believe in God, family, baseball, apple pie, Christmas and the fundamental underpinnings of the goodness of the United States. I believe Americans are aching to join me and to take action and tell the other 14 percent of you who are not so disposed to pack up and get out. We are no longer going to tolerate your nonsense.

We are taking back Christmas, our schools, our government and our values. Go start your own country.

Finally, those are not "holiday trees;" they are "Christmas trees." It is not a "holiday pageant;" it is a "Christmas Show." It is not "holiday infant;" it is "the Baby Jesus." It is my Pledge of Allegiance, my prayer in school, my money and my country. And oh yeah ... have a Merry Christmas!

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Rebus said...

Nobody is taking away your Christmas, you freak! You are just buying into the whole "left wing wacko liberal democrats want to take my rights away" crap that the wingnuts are always spouting.
You should be more concerned about a president who feels he is above the law.