Monday, December 19, 2005

And you thought I was conservative?

I've been on vacation so I haven't had time to write anything. I'm going to turn to faithful readers for a little help this week. In place of my usual rantings, I offer comments sent by readers on some of my recent columns.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Here I am in my little cubicle in Pottstown and somebody halfway around the world is reading this after it's posted online. A member of the Air Force stationed in the Middle East sent me the following e-mail regarding the Democratic Party's call to surrender in Iraq:

"Bravo. You are correct (about the Democrats' defeatist drumbeat). For the safety of our families and country, we must vote them out of Congress in 2006. We need to send a message to the terrorists — and their Democratic allies. Also, we must hasten the demise of the mainstream media. The American people need to wake up to the facts and the lies of the liberals."

It turns out that not all teachers have to sign a loyalty oath to the radical left. A history professor at a prestigious private school sent these comments about the same column:

"I just finished reading your article and it is right on and brilliant! As a history instructor for 20 years at the high school and college level, it is so refreshing to see reason/wisdom about the war we are in! As you can imagine, the (political correctness) in my job is pervasive and destroying America. Keep up the great writing!"

And still another response to the same column from the founder of the Web site,

"What a great article. Keep reminding the left about other wars. God bless your talented words and skillful writing abilities. I'd love for you to become part of our growing family of conservative writers."

Some readers have been writing me on a regular basis for nearly two years. Here's proof that great minds think alike from one of my favorite regulars:

"Virtually every time I read one of your columns, I am prompted to sit down and write a brief note complimenting you on your efforts. Such was the case again a few days ago after my intentionally brief letter to the editor was published in The Mercury. It was relative to your column, which likewise touched on "wounded Eagle" Ed Rendell minding the constituents' store instead of concentrating on his seemingly full-time job as a TV commentator! After I make certain my name is not in small type on page 2 (that's where The Mercury publishes a list of the day's obituaries), I immediately go to the editorial page to check on your efforts to enlighten the liberals!

I seem to be attracting a growing international audience. In addition to the Air Force veteran stationed in Qatar, I've received e-mails from Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Greece and Great Britain. Another great thing about cyberspace is that columns I wrote months ago are still floating around out there. This note came just a couple of weeks ago from a fan in Plymouth, England, on a column I wrote in the spring:

"Just a quick note to say well done on the article titled 'If Syria leaves Lebanon, shouldn't Turkey leave Cyprus?' I am a Greek Cypriot born in the U.K. and have fond memories of the golden beaches of Famagusta and not a day has passed where my heart does not ache for the return of our ancestral homes."

I've had a big fan in the Pittsburgh area ever since I was interviewed on a radio talk show about one of my columns. He writes frequently.

"I am always amazed at how the liberals or should I say the socialists are always on the wrong side of American history and I think I have figured out why — they are un-American. They want America to be something different than the principles this country was founded on. The anti-American state was already tried and failed, it was called the Soviet Union."

I also received a nice e-mail from someone who works for the Rendell administration. For the record, I am willing to go to jail to protect the writer's identify should Gov. Rendell attempt to weed out the last remaining conservative in Harrisburg.

"God bless America and God bless you, sir. Please continue to write this very important and very powerful stuff. It is imperative that we get this message out as a constant reminder to all real and true America-loving Americans. These Democrats are play flat-out American-bashing nuts."

Well, there you have it. Just a sampling of fan mail from the past couple of weeks. And you thought I was a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy?

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