Thursday, December 11, 2014

Imagine the mess Hillary would inherit from Obama

Why would anyone want to run for president in 2016 knowing they would inherit such a mess from the failed Obama presidency?

Karl Rove examines the floundering Hillary 2016 campaign in his latest column for The Wall Street Journal:
The next presidential election is in 23 months. But no amount of time is likely to be enough for Mrs. Clinton to make herself a much better candidate. She is who she is and cannot change. In 2008 she could not articulate a compelling purpose for her run and stressed only her inevitability and entitlement. So far, it looks like Hillary 2.0 will have at least as many problems as Hillary 1.0.

It’s hard for a political party to win three consecutive terms in the Oval Office. Since 1952, only George H.W. Bush was able to do it for his party after Ronald Reagan ’s two terms. Unfortunately for Democrats, Mr. Obama is no Reagan—and as they may soon find out, Hillary is no Bush 41.
Here's a link to his latest column

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