Thursday, March 13, 2008

Understanding Liberals, Vol. IV

Welcome to the fourth installment of an occasional series series intended to help you understand what liberals are all about.

Here is one of the best summations I've seen to explain what it means to be a liberal:
"A liberal is someone who wants to understand the guy who just broke into his house, who burned the place down, who raped his wife and who murdered his kids. Yes, the liberal wants to discover what he or she might have done wrong to deserve the attack. The conservative doesn't care what religious affiliation the villain hides behind, what holy robes he may wear, or what he calls himself. When he sees the enemy coming to rape his wife and kill his children, the conservative shoots him dead before he gets in the house. He doesn't wring his hands and get a book to study the belief systems of the murderer."

— Michael Savage,
From his book, "The Savage Nation"
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