Thursday, March 13, 2008

Libertarian convention coming to Pennsylvania

Maybe there's not enough of them to hold individual conventions, so for the first time, the Libertarian parties of Pennsylvania and New Jersey are planning a joint convention.

The event is slated for March 14-16 at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center in Malvern, Pa.

Delegates gathering this weekend will help pick the Libertarian candidate for president.

Convention organizers say that every major candidate vying for the Libertarian presidential nomination will be in attendance Saturday.

"Do not discount the impact the Libertarian Party can have in this years' Presidential election," Lou Jasikoff, chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party, said in a written statement. "Many disillusioned Republicans, independents, and conservatives, are all looking for a new home. The drumbeat gets louder everyday for a change in Washington. We watch our personal freedoms erode, and our financial future jeopardized by the ill-conceived policies of both the Republican and Democratic parties.”

The Libertarian Party is the third largest in Pennsylvania and the United States.

"Once the public and media get to see the quality and substance of our candidates, look for us to make big inroads into the base of the Republican and Democratic parties," Jim Babb, convention coordinator for Pennsylvania, said in a press release.

Babb said the Libertarian Party should have ballot access in a least 48 states.

"This Saturday, not far from the first constitutional convention, like-minded people will once again meet in a hope of rekindling the spirit of liberty and freedom our founding forefathers had for this nation," Jasikoff said. "Our time is now."

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James Babb said...

Thanks Tony,

Just to clarify, we are combining our state conventions this year to facilitate the LP Presidential Debate and to "cross-pollenate". Both organizations have many members, but it's easier for the candidates to attend a single event and it's a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with our neighboring activists.

Jim Babb


I wasn't trying to make fun of my Libertarian friends. I have great admiration for third-parties and wish them the best of luck. I've written many times that the Republican and Democratic parties have a monopoly (or is the right word duopoly) on the American political system and that's why this country is so screw up. The more voices that are heard the better. I wish the Libertarians gathering this weekend the best.