Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama promises terrorists he'll surrender Iraq

You gotta love this statement issued today by Sen. Barack Obama on the "milestone" of 4,000 American deaths in the Iraq War.

After he gets through the obligatory condolences to the families, Obama once again sends a signal to al-Qaida that he will abandon Iraq as soon as he takes office as president.

Read the surrender proclamation for yourself:
"It is with great sadness that we have reached another grim milestone in Iraq, with at least 4,000 of our finest Americans having been killed. Each death is a tragedy, and we honor every fallen American and send our thoughts and prayers to their families. It is past time to end this war that should never have been waged by bringing our troops home, and finally pushing Iraq's leaders to take responsibility for their future. As we do, we must serve the memory of all who have died as well as they served our country, by providing support for their families, caring for our troops and veterans, and upholding the American values which our fallen heroes exemplified through their service."
I don't know. This guy just doesn't strike me as "commander-in-chief" material. Not that Hillary Clinton is any better. She's also promised to abandon Iraq as soon as she takes office in 2009.

Democrats should know what happens when you abandon an ally in the middle of a war. Take a look at Vietnam after the Democratic Congress pulled out all U.S. military support in 1975. Millions of people in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were slaughtered by the communists. What do yo think will happen in Iraq if the U.S. leaves too soon?

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Anonymous said...

I'm supporting John McCain because he's the only candidate that has what it takes to fix the situation in Iraq.