Thursday, March 27, 2008

That sinking feeling ... for Democrats

A new poll comes out every day, but the news is not good for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Rasmussen Reports – Sen. McCain continues to lead both potential Democrat opponents

McCain = 51%
Obama = 41%

McCain = 50%
Clinton = 43%

To read the full poll, click here.

And the longer the Democrats battle for the nomination, the bigger the split within the party.

Rasmussen Reports – Twenty-two percent of Democrats say Clinton or Obama should drop out

Democrats who believe Clinton should drop out = 22%

Democrats who believe Obama should drop out = 22%

Democrats who aren’t ready for the race to end = 62%

To read the full poll, click here.

Another polls finds 48 percent of voters have a negative image of Hillary Clinton. How do you win the presidency with just 42 percent of the vote?

Democrats appear to have done it to themselves again: Snatch defeat from the mouth of victory.

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