Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ken Davis ally wants top Montco GOP spot? is reporting that a little-known, Pottstown-area Republican will seek the chairmanship of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Jim Vlahos, who served one year on the Pottstown Borough Council, wants to succeed embattled Chairman Ken Davis, who announced last week he would not seek a third term.

You didn't think Davis was going to go away entirely, did you?

It's no secret that Davis and his allies (Bob Asher and Jim Matthews) have been looking for someone to serve as party chairman so they can keep control of the party after Davis' term ends in May.

We all know how much damage the trio of Davis-Asher-Matthews have done to the party.

Montgomery County Republicans must make a clean break from Davis if they have any hope of rebuilding the party.

The other announced candidate is Bob Kerns, who ran against Davis in 2004 and 2006. At least with Kerns, party members know they're not getting a Davis puppet in the chairman's post.

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