Thursday, March 27, 2008

GOP candidates back elimination of property taxes

The No. 1 issue facing Berks County voters is the elimination of property taxes.

Republican candidates seeking legislative seats this year have heard that message loud and clear.

Speaking at a candidates' forum sponsored by the Brandywine Taxpayers Association, candidates Aaron Durso, Billy Reed, Richard Gokey, Gary Day, Allen Cerullo and Stephen Fuhs vowed to support the elimination of property taxes if they are elected to the state Legislature.

Durso, Reed and Gokey are seeking the GOP nomination in the 130th House District. Day and Cerullo are seeking the GOP nod in the 187th House District. Fuhs is seeking the GOP nomination in the 11th state Senate District.

Read the full story, "Taxation tops the agenda at Berks County candidates forum" in the Reading Eagle.


Anonymous said...

And how many times have we heard that from members of both parties when election time rolls around. Not only this election, last election, and many elections before. What's hot at election time? Here are the items:
1. Property taxes
2. Reducing size of the legislature
3. Pay raises
4. Teacher strikes
5. Taxes

Every year same-o same-o.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, maybe this time, you'll elect one instead of complaining that they didn't deliver property tax elimination on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Of the Republican candidates for the 130th, the only one who has experience is Gokey AND he has always looked for ways to reduce government spending and limit tax increases as an Amity Township supervisor. When faced with increases in spending or taxes, he always asks "Why. Do we have to do this? Is there another way?"