Friday, March 28, 2008

'The Disgrace of Liberalism'

An outstanding essay titled "The Disgrace of Liberalism" posted at the American Thinker blog by J.R. Dunn, comparing the state of American politics in 2008 with 1968.

A few highlights from Dunn:
"2008 marks the end of liberalism as a governing force in the same way that 1968 marked the end of liberalism as a political doctrine."

"2008 is being promoted as the year of the Democrats. Under the circumstances, it's difficult to see this as anything but media hype. Weak as the Republicans may be, they do boast such figures as Schwarzenegger, Jindal, Crist, and Coburn among many others, not to mention a presidential candidate who, whatever his drawbacks, is a different order of being than the opposition."

"Liberalism will stagger on. It still has control of all those urban political machines, along with the unions and bureaucracies. But it has no future. Personality cults and ideology will take you only so far. We may yet live to see this albatross removed from the nation's back."

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TheBitterAmerican said...

Oddly enough, I heard a discussion this morning stating that if Hillary and the superdelegates somehow trump Obama's popular delegates, it was going to be Chicago 1968 all over again.

History repeating?