Friday, March 14, 2008

Gerlach backs Rogers for state Senate seat

The endorsements keep coming for Lance Rogers, a Republican candidate for the 17th state Senate District in Pennsylvania.

U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-6th District, is the latest big-name Republican to back Rogers' bid to win the open seat being vacated by state Sen. Connie Williams, a Democrat.

"Lance Rogers impressed me in 2005 when he stood up for his neighbors and community by fighting against the Ardmore eminent domain land grab," Gerlach said in a statement released by the Rogers for State Senate campaign. "As a Commissioner, he has a great track record of opposing tax increases and emphasizing public safety. As a veteran of some pretty tough campaigns myself, I know that Lance Rogers is the best candidate Republicans can put forward to win this seat in November."

Gerlach's 6th Congressional District includes many communities in Montgomery County, including six of the 11 municipalities in Pennsylvania's 17th state Senate District.

Rogers has been endorsed by both the Montgomery County and Delaware County Republican Committees.

Currently a township commissioner in Lower Merion, Rogers was elected in one of the most Democratic wards two years ago. Lower Merion is the largest town in the 17th state Senate District, according to his campaign people.

"I am proud to have Congressman Gerlach's support as we gear up for our fall campaign," Rogers said in a statement. "He has been a tremendous advocate for our community, fought with us against the eminent domain land grab in Ardmore and has built a solid reputation in Congress as one of the most independent Republicans in the House. I look forward to working closely with him to the benefit of our communities."

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Anonymous said...

One question- why did Lance Rogers run for Commissioner and win his seat as an Independent? What does that say about Republicans in LM.............

Anonymous said...

If anyone is curious why some member of the MontCo GOP are pushing for Lance Rogers, just read some of what Tony Phyrillas reported on in his May 7, 2008 blog article,
Montgomery County GOP sinking fast

“Montgomery County Democratic Chairman Marcel L. Groen told Gibbons the dominoes are falling throughout Montgomery County. . .

Democrats are now the majority party in 12 of Montgomery County's 62 municipalities, according to Gibbons.

In addition to Abington, communities already in the blue column are Ambler, Bridgeport, Conshohocken, Jenkintown, Narberth, Norristown, Pottstown, Cheltenham, Springfield, West Pottsgrove and Lower Merion.”

I hope this clears up why some people from the MontCo GOP are willing to turn their backs on real Republicans in favor of someone with Lance Roger’s past history as a Clinton White House intern and change in registration from Republican.

Anonymous said...

Each time someone endorses Lance Rogers before the Primary Election they get added to my list of Republicans that I will not vote for.

I feel so strongly about this because the 17th state Senate District endorsement was so corrupt.

This is the only way I can tell the party that such behavior should never again be tolerated.

Maybe Lance Rogers didn't know what Ken Davis was doing or maybe he was in on it. Either way, he never spoke out about how wrong the endorsement process was, and that will forever in my mind taint him as a GOP candidate.

In retrospect, I hope Lance Rogers wishes that Lisa Paolino was not deliberately excluded from the endorsement ballot and the convention. It was so very unfair.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? And who is endorsing Lisa Paolino other then Radnor Republicans who don't really have a choice not to endorse her?

If Lisa Paolino really wanted to be at the endorsement thing, she shoulda' gotten Judge from Delco to arrange it.

If Lisa Paolino thinks it was unfair she was excluded time to put up or shut up: file a complaint with state GOP or file in court.

Lisa's commercials oughta be interesting, huh? What about her familial ties to Norristown?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the guy from Save Ardmore Coalition again.

I think he's pushing for Leach -- he keeps posting the same old lame meaningless stuff about Paolino and never discusses experience or credentials.

Anonymous said...

How funny. And sad. I used to respect Jim Gerlach who up until this fall didn't know who in the world Lance Rogers is - no exaggeration!

Anonymous said...

Rogers knew exactly what Davis was when he got in bed with him