Sunday, March 23, 2008

Obama's troubling disconnect

The luster is wearing off Sen. Barack Obama. This could explain why he's trailing Sen. Hillary Clinton badly in the latest polls in Pennsylvania.

Fascinating op-ed piece in The Mercury by Colin Hanna, a former Chester County commissioner, who is troubled by Sen. Obama's handling of the Rev. Wright controversy.

Hanna concludes that "Sen. Obama is arguably the least experienced candidate ever to have a serious chance of winning the Presidency. To dismiss that deficiency, he proposes that judgment is a more relevant requirement for our highest office than experience, and that he has demonstrated superior judgment. Yet the lack of judgment that he demonstrated in failing to dissociate himself from the hate-mongering of Rev. Wright is troubling."

Read "Barack Obama's troubling disconnect" here.

Hanna now operates Let Freedom Ring Inc., a non-profit, public policy group based in West Chester, Pa.

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